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The Question ...

How can I fix Auto Detect Analog input?

I have been going to school studying computer Science, with my text books comes with CDS to practice with ..I have XP Vista but downloaded an operating system Windows 2003, then few months later downloaded Windows 2008 now my monitor goes to a black screen.I turned the monitor off and then turn it back on I can see a window dialog that reads Auto Dectect (Analog Input).I have continue to turn it off just my monitor and click the button to turn it back on, then it seems like once I'll let it sit for a minute to rest then it'll work fine. Every so often it'll go through the cycle again.

Melissa Petrey
May 2011
The Answer ...

idk we have no clue whats so ever :3

May 2011

April 2014

April 2014

April 2014

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