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The Question ...

My Computer keeps typing `````````` by itself?

I seem to have a virus that all the packages can't find. I use AVG hijack This Ad Aware and more and yet my computer continues to type the ` symbol by itself. Anybody have any ideas of what this is and how to kill it?? I have checked it is not a stuck key.

April 2006
The Answer ...

You key is stuck down. It may not look that wy from looking at the keyboard because only the mechanism under the key tab may be stuck down. Take a small knife or a flathead screwdriver and gently pry the key top off the keyboard. (dont worry, it snaps back on) Make sure the mechanism underneath is clean and free of debri. There should be a small spring or a rubber cup that pushes the key back up after it has been pressed. Make sire it is there and not damaged. Replace the key top.

If that does not work you most likely have an electrical short. Either due to simple old age of the keyboard or some liquid being spilled on the keyboard. Replace your keyboard.

Good luck.

May 2006
my comptuer keeps looking for macromedia flash

frank trezza
December 2007
I had this same problem , only it was typing DDDDDDDDDD by itself , changed keyboard , mouse this seemed to stop the problem then a few months later it would come back .
it was my joystick when not in use I put it on the floor under the computer and the hat switch was touching the side of the computer case , when I moved it away the typing stopped.

June 2009
Mine is doing fives. It did this a few months earlier and stopped. Then it started doing it again. I just checked to see if it was clean and there doesn't seem to be any problems.. I think this might have happened after a hurricane. The moisture might have gotten to it. Though it did stop for a long time. This is annoying as hell.

July 2009
Try hoovering it ..lol! might sound silly but try that, jst make sure ur keys r strong enough so as nt to be hoovered away ....hehe...why nt, u might aswell try that,its nt lik u have anything to loose since u'v tried evrytin else, it is probably jst hidden dirt, that you rili cant see...

October 2009
whenever i type it automatically puts in - and + and it goes crazy, ill try to backs-pa-ce and it keeps- putting more in-. even when i keep my computer still with no wordproccesor up+ ----------it sounds like someon+e is +pressing the buttons cause it keeps making th-at alert that you canno+t type? IDK HOW to explain it haha< now its making weirder symbols whats going on h-elp+!

December 2009
please HELP. my laptop is doing the same thing as Ally posted December 2009. ++++++++++ forever and at random. i have run and rerun virus and nothing. HELP. any suggestions??

January 2010
my comp has been typing w and a and d and s and types noob to me randomly and opens shit up even if i unplugg my mouse and keyboard i ran my anti virus and finds nothing any ideas?

January 2010
exactly the same here mine keeps typing ccc and bbb by itself. i tried the thing with the screw driver and put it back on and i cleaned it but it still wont stop. it started when i got an auto typer but hasnt stopped even when i deleted it. what is going on!

January 2010
Harry again, and my mousepad also stops working, it just stops clicking when i tap it and i need to press the button to click.

any ideas?

January 2010
same issue for me it is typing s help !!!!!!!!!

April 2010
My Dell Inspiron 1525 just did this. It was entirely random, and I hadn't visited any possibly malicious webpages. Out of nowhere, my computer started typing ".........." all by itself. When I tried to type, it turned out looking like this: "c..a...n...'...t...t...y...p...e." REALLY annoying. :\

I tried turning it off and then restarting it, but it wouldn't even turn on afterwards!! Whenever it got to the first black screen in startup, it made a horrible continuous beeping noise (as though someone were trying to type "......" though nothing showed up on screen).

Finally I unplugged everything from the laptop, turned it over, and did the only thing I can do without a scrwedriver - took the battery out and put it back in. The computer started just fine, and as you can tell, I can type, too.

Question is, what caused it and will it happen again???

April 2010
I'm having the same issue (DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD) and I'm wondering how many of you own a Dell. Mine is a Dell. Could it be something to do with their keyboards?

Dell User
April 2010
yes and my computer is stilllllllll doing it seel... i mean see i can't even type right and i'm nolllt il mean i mean not going tollll i meean ollllllllllllllh nevermilnd see i try to type rilght but yeah it seems lllike only the delllls are doing it

June 2010
Hey guys, not just dell doing it. I have hp Pavillons and doing just that... I'm thinking may be is a trojan dropper virus that drop malicious code on the system.

June 2010
antoniol is wrong i have a gateway and its happening to me but it stopped for now it use to type j repeatedly

June 2010
i had the same problem, took off the key cleaned it out and it stopped.

June 2010
Mines keep typing fckn ggggggg im si madd

June 2010
I have a custom built computer. It is doing 5555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555's
It comes and goes. The hard drive just failed and I reloaded the whole system and it is still doing it!!!!!
I'm using a USB wireless keyboard and it will still do it with the receiver unplugged. WTF!!

June 2010
HEY GUYS. I Freaked out when this started happening on my laptop. But it's just a bad key.

Just pry open the key carefully, and then put it back. YOu might need to pull it up harder, but not too hard.

The problem will be solved permanently.

Good luck!!!

July 2010
The same thing is happening with the ..... key on my gateway desktop. It makes that "you just did something bad" noise when there is no word processor open. We tried restarting it, as well as removing the key and playing around with the mechanism underneath and nothing is working.

KZai, you obviously didn't read any of the other entries because people have tried your solution and it is not working.

July 2010
My computer is doing something similar except it's typing, "wrt, wrt, wrtuo wrtuooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo]"

July 2010
My guess is that most of these keyboards got wet while the computer was running. Water ran into the cable connector and either coroded or cooled the tiny solder points where the connector connects to the main board. When the computer gets hot, the problem starts because the connections are expanding and not making sufficient contact. When the computer is cool, the problem stops. Also, usually the repeat is confined to one row of keys which is how the ribbon conducts the signals to the mother board. Mine is a Pavilion DV9000 and the HP repair manual says to replace the main board. Doable but pricey. I may just take it apart and put a heat gun above the keyboard connector to try to re-flow the solder joints.

August 2010
Im having the same problem with my Sony Vaio..........It Keeps on typing the letter H and when the laptop is booting up, it gives off this sound like a key is pressed. Im going to reformat my pc to see if the problem will be solved

August 2010
mine isnt a dell and it is just typing fffffffffffff everywher and i dont want to take the key off i am worried it wont go back on :( please help because even if dont touch anything at all it types fff in every place possible

October 2010

I noticed the same problem with my Samsung laptop. While typing, or even when I'm not typing, it'll continuously type ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;.

I ran a full virus scan and a full malware scan, and they both detected nothing.

I read the comment from someone named Mark above. He said that his guess is water might've entered the key pad. Then, I remembered that before that problem started, I had noticed a few drops of water on the same key and other keys around that area. I had simply lightly wiped it off, but not properly.

So, I'm pretty sure it's because it got wet.
But as someone else, I also noticed that my mouse touch pad stopped working. It wouldn't click when I tapped it.

I re-started my laptop, and it's better now, but still it would type these semi-colons.

So I just wanted to share my opinion about what's causing this, but I don't know how it'd get solved.
Hope this helps!

July 2011
I think its a trojan virus that's doing it, u'll need a strong antivirus like norton to kill it, but n most cases this virus could disable the antivirus. But m pretty sure that if u perform a hard disk format,the problem will permanently go away.gudluck

July 2011
hello guyz

Even I had experienced the same problem with my Sony Vaio Laptop. It kept typing "wwwwwwww" by itself.

I removed my laptop keyboard and its connection to the port.. then I connected it back making sure the connection was firm.. that's it.. the problem was sorted out.. now everything is fine..

I hope this helps..

October 2011
I had acer travelmate of 5600 seriese.
The 'Z' key is not working. It types zzzz and also on playing game a, s and d is also not working.

Mohammed Umar
January 2012
Assalaam o alaikum

I had a IBM PC Intel pentium 4 and window xp pro sp3 updated from sp2 by window update.
My computer keyboard is also not working and it type itself with beep like bn--
When I removed keyboard plug and use on-screen key board it could not create any problem. I think it is because of old ps 2 type switch. It could be prevented using USB type switch.

Mohammed umar shaikh
May 2012
What if your computer keeps typing "-" and spaces by itself in whatever textbox it can without a keyboard? If I restart my computer enough it stops for a while, so I can type things like this, but it starts up randomly. Also every website I go on, it's automatically scrolled to the bottom (without a mouse or keyboard)
I have eset nod to stop any malicious viruses to destroy my comp, but I did have a virus before I got the program.

Is there a way to manually remove the virus without having to reformat the computer? Or does anyone know of the virus because it's hard to find just googling.

October 2012
I have a Samsung netbook (intel atom, win-xp) all of a sudden it started tying by itself..when it was aaaaa i opened the key cleaned it well then it stopped, but then some other letter, did the same, but keeps typing by itself random letters.. I thought the keyboard is messed up.. But then I started using my brother's fujitsu (i5,win7, spill resistant k'brd) laptop after few days same problem.. When I start the laptop it seems few buttons are pressed and now I'm unable to login.. And then yesterday while using my recently bought new laptop hp-dv3 (i3, win7, with spill resistant keyboard).. Same problem with that too.. Typing random letters itself..very hectic.. Mayb got to do something with the moisture level at my home.. But i'm dead sure it is not any kind of virus (coz even it bios boot the constant key press beep is on)OR physical damage (spills, etc).. Just wanted to share to let u all know u r not alone nor is it a specific company manufacture fault, ANY help/ assistance would be appreciated..

Javed Hossain
October 2012
Ok Im having the same issue and can tell all those who have been dismissing this for years with no intelligent answer THAT IT IS NOT A "STUCK KEY".

My laptop (Toshiba Satallite a135)types "a" in any field made available to it of highlighted that is active (word, search bars, address bars, etc). IN ADDITION to that it also will not allow me to select any task in the task manager, or any particular folder or file without switching wildly and rapidly between all existing files, folders tasks, etc, so as not to allow selection of a particular type.

I've used Malwarebytes, Search and Destroy, avast, Windows defender, Super Anti spyware and Hijack this and none come up with any detection of any virus.I regularly use Noscript on my browser as well and am almost certain that it was me turning it off at a particularly questionable site (what prompted me to do that i have no idea)and it came in either on a downloaded flv file, or a torrent file.

I also got the beeping after shutting down and attempting to restart. I did manage to remove it (or so I thought - Oct 1 2012) twice, but it appears it is a virus that reinstalls itself after a time of appearing to be gone, or upon entering the folder where it resides.

It also keeps all external connected drives (thumb and others) active so as not to allow them to be removed. I dl'd a malcious software removal tool from the windows site onto a thumb in an effort to remove it to no avail as it appears it was for a different version of Vista.

It appears that Hijack this CAN POSSIBLY remedy the problem as it gives the option to remove certain programs at reboot. However identifying the specific file is the main problem now for me now.

I will try to return here to post all relevent info on this some time in the near future, for others dealing with this virus.

October 2012
The laptop is typing "ZZZZZZZZZZZ". I am close to believeing it is a nasty keylogger attack. It takes control of any space to attempt to add "zzzzzzz". You can it moves randomly from the sign on page through other command as if you were using Alt and Tab key at the same time moving through in an endless circle.

October 2012
Same problem my laptop. but sometimes it works well. I loose patience when im using. please help me :((

November 2012
In my case (after seven days on Internet) problem was fixed by removing faulty (??) wireless Broadcom driver , which was redumdant anyway .

November 2012
Ok here my problem also plz. I think it matches yours.
I went to sleep one day, i turned off the laptop (toshiba satellite L505) and the next morning the keyboard didnt work.
After 1-2 minutes it started typing ~~~~~ or ``````` or ****** or aaaaa or just the shift key.

I did all this, still no solution.

1) i Cleaned the keys, it still didnt work.
2) i removed the whole laptop keyboard + the tape think that connects it to the lap top, it still types itself at random times.
3) i opened the laptop in safe mode, still types itself.
4) i run avira scan + super anti spyware scans, it still types it self.
5)i turned off the internet, (i dont know exactly why...) it still types itself.

I do not remember having spilled any liquid on it, i also keep clean my pc from random sites/downloades/ usbs and stuff. The amount of frustration is too damn high. Im gonna sent it to a technitian tomorrow and ill post you here if he ever finds what the f is going on.

o kalos sas
December 2012
k guys i got my lap top back, it cost me 15Ε ,it doesnt type anything anymore, BUT I WONT BE ABLE TO USE MY LAP TOP KEYBOARD which is totaly fine by me, cause i have no problem using an external one.

they told me the problem was not water, but moist, which messed up the little thing that the lap top keyboard connects to.

o kalos sas
December 2012
My laptop started typing wwwwwww's and somtimes it selects Windows Key..I disconnected the Keyboard and kept seperate..without the keyboard the letters starts going on typing..So it cant be the keyboard problem...we tried formating twice and installed windows 7. But the problem persists..so it cant be a virus..!! we have removed the bios battery and flashed the CMOS also. but invain..The conclusion is it is surely something supernatural...!!!

January 2013
pathetic. i still have the problem. i paid 15E i thought it was ok but nothing.
im gonna paint my lap top blue and throw it to the sea

o kalos sas
January 2013
While your laptop is on, disconnect the keyboard and see if it continues. If it does, your mother board has a problem. If it stops, replace your keyboard. Simple

Chris Doc Robertson
February 2013
Every text box filled up with pppppppppppp. How about this: I was talking to HP tech support and they needed my serial number. I had to unplug the laptop and remove the battery to get it. After I re-installed the battery and booted back up I the issue went away. It was definitely not a hardware issue. Try this first before spending any money fixing the laptop.

March 2013
I have that problem, it spams "arrrrrrr" every few seconds and i use an on screen keyboard because my keyboard broke i have a laptop so i can't get a new one

March 2013
One possible issue is if you have an external keyboard to your laptop which you're not using and don't notice that something is sitting on it inadvertently pressing a key. Happened to me once or twice (and again this evening)

Charlie, Brisbane AUS
April 2013
Hey guys, I just want to add:

Many laptops have an "alt" or "Fn" key.

my laptop has both of these.

Today it suddenly started typing 0000000000000000...

by itself, and I assumed the worst. after using every possible viral scanning method known to me (ugh and five hours later) I determined it was not a virus/trojan/script kiddy

So I uninstalled the keyboard and reset the computer. This was the stupidest idea imaginable, if the keyboard is stuck typing zero, why the hell would you restart it? how do you expect to enter the password correctly!!! don't make my mistake.

instead, locate a method to pop the keys up without damaging them, and see if the rubber nub is stuck at the bottom of the sheath. if this is not the case, try pressing the 'alt' or 'fn' key to turn off things like 'insert' or other pre-programmed IDIOT key combinations that your laptop manufacturer has helpfully provided. This is where you have to read your manual for all the key binds they have hard wired into your laptop --- good luck, there could be a lot.

I swear, today was just a bad day all around.

But it's over now.

May 2013
My computer keeps spamming 9 and 8 and hen I changed wireless keyboards still is doing it. Restarted the computer and its still doing it

May 2013
I took the key off that was causing the problem and the error stopped. Thanks!!

May 2013
my laptop starts typing "////"
(well now I'm using my other laptop so I can type normal)
and also I have Fn key so when the typing happens I press the Fn key and it eventually stops but when I restarted it, the typing starts again so I have to press the Fn key to stop this. I want my laptop to be normal. what can I do?

May 2013
I had the same problems, but so solve this, when your computer is loading and you see the black loading screen, you have to press delete, because previously when it was loading, you pressed whatever key made it start doing this again. so i sugjest pressing delete 5 times....your welcome

June 2013
It's not the keyboard, my brother's computer will not let you type in the password when logging on to windows or when starting the search from the monitor to choose a program or the Control Panel, etc. He bought a new keyboard and it did the same thing. Have done normal troubleshooting, rebooting, recovery, etc. Then downloaded malwarebytes and ran a scan and gave permission to clean up any bad files but have not her from him today to see if it worked. I would type one letter and it would fill in the rest with |||||||||||. Very frustrating. He has an hp desktop just over a year old.

June 2013
I followed someone's advice on here and removed the battery. Works like a charm now, who'da thought!

Big Chaz
June 2013
hey guys my acer laptop types itself ]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]
and also letter p -copy that- and some numbers not working.

eg 123 ok
579 ok

4 6 7 8

July 2013
My asus laptop sometimes types a semi colon by itself and i have to press delete or another letter to stop it. Also when i press this key nothing types but the rest do.

November 2013
I just started having this problem on my Dell laptop with Windows 8, computer is only about 4 months old. Need help. Now using my ipad.

November 2013
A possible solution that I've come across - One time I had an End User who had a wireless mouse and keyboard combo for their laptop but decided not to use the keyboard and had set it under their desk. As the pile of papers on top of it grew heavy enough to press down the keys, their computer began randomly typing for them.

February 2014
Speculation. If you're using a laptop, the hot temperature of the internal hard disk keep the keyboard's sensor attractive to moisture. If the problem is occurring, try typing any letter or relax your laptop.

February 2014

March 2014

March 2014

March 2014
Mine too, my parents just bought a PC for us a few months ago, but it's frustating when the PC keeps typing ---------- almost all the time--although I have some antivirus like Smadav and McAfee

how to solve this?

April 2014

April 2014

April 2014

April 2014

April 2014

April 2014

April 2014

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