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The Question ...

how to fix error 2203???

i was installing messenger live when i got an error,ERROR 2203, how do i fix it????
pleeez tell me.

October 2006
The Answer ...

Dear Rahul,
If you can go to another system and access Microsofts website, here is the link for your answer and solution to this problem.
Hope this helps...

December 2006
I had the same problem..... When ever i tried installing any program this error code came up... I downloaded various "Quick computer fix" program's and they didn't help at all. I researched the problem and found that if i set my account to full access it should work... It didn't. But then i defragmented and did a disk clean and the problem was fixed. I'm on vista by the way.

June 2011

April 2014

April 2014

April 2014

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