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The Question ...

How do I get past administrator password on my dell latitude laptopD600?

Dell laptop latitude D600 Is asking for adm. password. How do I get past that?

December 2006
The Answer ...

you can't get past it. It is encrypted. If you don't know the password you may be able to go into bios upon bootup and find a way to to reinstall windows operating system from scratch. This is HARD encrypted deisgned not to be acessed except the original Humana agent. Good luck.

Mark S.
November 2007
when you reboot the laptop, it should make a beeping noise, directly after this beep, hit the f8 key repeatedly until a screen comes up. run windows in safe mode. when the screen for a password comes up, click administrator. go to control panel and choose edit accounts. choose your account and delete the password. shut down the computer and repeat the process only choose run windows normally. when the password screen comes up, you will be able to access your account without a password and make a new one at the control panel if you want.

steven kazanjian
March 2008
well i know this, but for some reason the admin has a password

August 2008
Pay off you administrator for the password Duh...

Skeet Skeet
May 2009
quit screwin' around. It's a frustrating problem... forgetting your computers admin passwords. Some REAL tech person please give a serious answer to those of us who aren't techy.

May 2009
you just go to a computer store and get hacking software.
you hack into it.
it also works on any computer.

October 2009
there is one that i have tried for cmd but everytime i do one of the steps it says access denied someone update that and ull get the answer without costing a single penny

February 2010
I tried running windows in safe mode but it didnt work all it did was take me back to administrator but im the administrator and i didnt even set a password for it. can someone please tell me how to get past log in with out a password

August 2010
get a password recovery of the internet 4 free

February 2011

February 2011
How do you get through admin in windows 7?

Kid wanting to get through admin
August 2011

February 2014

February 2014

February 2014

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