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The Question ...

my screen has turned on its side?

my screen has turned on its side and i have to turn my head round to view it, how do i get it back to normal?????? help please

May 2008
The Answer ...

Right click your desktop,graphic options, rotation, then select normal. This can be tricky

May 2008
Or you can click alt, ctrl, top arrow at the same time

May 2008
Thankyou, i done the same thing :)

July 2008
double click right key on dexktop then click grafix properties then display settings rotate 0 then apply then ok ther click X HOPE THID HELPS

August 2008
thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Easter Bunny
December 2008
thanks for the alt control top arrow answer!!

November 2009
Thanks for the alt, ctrl and up arrow key solution. It works!

simmons 2010
January 2010
i cant use the control alt n arrows also the proerties thing isnt there ethier help

January 2010
thankyou very much

May 2010
fab ctrel alt up arrow worked perfactly thanks

ethel smith
July 2010
thank you,,,the alt+ctrl+top arrow did the trick ...take care ,,,Liverpool uk

September 2010
Thank you for the desktop answer, I am now a hero to my boss!

October 2010
thanks so much for the ctr alt up arrow it wos reaalll y helpfull

February 2011
thank u all so muc..dat was stressful wen it happened but the info was really quick, easy and helpful..greatly appreciated:)

May 2011

January 2013

July 2014

July 2014

July 2014

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